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Hello!  I am Bethany Knox.  I teach preschool and early childhood special education kiddos.  I love seeing their smiling faces every day and listening to the stories that they come up with!  I am married to Michael and we have four kiddos: Tucker, Mackenzie, Emily and Callie.  They are in 10th, 8th, 6th and 3rd grades.  They are involved in lots of different activities so they keep us busy!  In our free time, we like to go camping and relax on our farm.  
I graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a major in elementary education, a minor in early childhood education and a minor in early childhood special education.  I received my Masters in Special Education from Graceland University.  I have been teaching in early childhood since January 2004.  
Mrs. Bethany Knox
Early Childhood Special Education Teacher 
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